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The In Demand Hairstylist Podcast

May 30, 2023

In this interview with Hunter Donia, he shares his own challenges with creating healthy boundaries in the salon.  He share how he created systems to not only save time but to empower him to stick to his boundaries and have more balance within the salon.


May 22, 2023

Whether you feel like it or not, YOU are the CEO of your business behind the chair.

In this episode, we shift to thinking like a CEO as I share 4 business lessons that will help you CONNECT with your clients in a way that forms LOYALTY, TRUST and creates DEMAND & INCOME. 

If you want any of these things in your business...

May 12, 2023

In this interview, Jasmine shares her journey from employee, to a mobile stylist to now growing her 6 figure business in her at-home studio salon space.  


Jasmine has shifted her career several times, making lots of mistakes and struggling with self-doubt and imposter syndrome.  Tune in to see how she overcame these...

May 8, 2023

Are you ready to start working on a schedule that allows you to live a lifestyle you love? 

Are you not sure how to do it without losing or upsetting clients?  losing money? or all of the above?

In this episode I address all of it, the mistakes I made that I want you to avoid and how to best go about transitioning to...

May 1, 2023

In this episode we chat with a former 7 figure salon owner turned business & mindset coach, consultant and trainer.  

Brigette shares with us

  • How she went from "hot mess" people pleasing salon owner to one of North Americas Top 200 Salons.  
  • How she was able to take a 7 month leave while her salon still operated
  • How...